Horse racing festivals are up there with the greatest sporting events in the world. There are big crowds, big races and some of the best horses in the world competing against each other.

The Derby Festival at Epsom is no different!

We get to enjoy the magic of one of the season's biggest Flat Racing Festivals on the calendar.

Being one of the biggest racing events, the Derby Festival captures the competitive spirit, history and elegance of the sport over two days of very exciting horse racing covering both The Oaks and The Derby.

Top jockeys and some of the best horses line up for a series of high quality racing

With The Best Horses Competing It Is Even Harder To Find The Winners!

Bookies love these meetings because with such high quality horses in every race, picking a winner becomes much harder.

But There Are Professional Bettors Who Make A Profit At Festivals Every Single Year!

How do they do it?

In order to make superb profits at festivals, they spend hundreds of hours and spend thousands of pounds to get the information they need.

Not only is this a huge amount of work, it is also requires years of experience.

These bettors do all this before they have placed a single bet!

For this years Derby Festival we have arranged to have one of the UK's best pro bettors join us to help with the profit making. He is going to be putting the years of experience he has as a professional bettor into practice.

Do You Want To Know Which Horses Have Been Prepared To Win?

Our pro bettor for this festival is your best chance of knowing just that.

We know that you want to walk away with money in your pocket, and we want to do our best to make sure that you do!