Using A Unique Concept This Is Horse Race Betting With An Incredible Twist! It's Time To Discover The New Breed of Favourite Bettors...

If you like backing favourites you have to be selective because only about one third of the shortest priced horses win races in the UK. Today we are introducing a service that helps you to identify the favourites to have on your side.

Favourite Plays has used the power of spread betting to deliver some substantial profits and for assurance it has undergone a rigorous proofing period.

This is an innovative service that identifies the race meetings in the UK at which the favourites have a better chance of winning than the odds suggest. Tony the tipster behind Favourite Plays makes a detailed analysis of the days racing and tells you the meetings where you should be backing the favourite.

Tony checks the prices of 25 bookmakers and exchange companies for each race and works out a points scoring system for each price and then comes up with his price for that race. He then adds up the prices for each race to give his figure for that meeting and if the figure is higher than the spread quote its a BUY.

That may sound quite complex so an explanation of how spread betting works will be useful. Basically the more you are right the more you win and conversely the more you are wrong... well let's not go there because with Favourite Plays the winning days should outweigh the losing days based on a comprehensive proofing process.

The returns from placing a spread bet are based on the accuracy of the bet rather than the simple activity of winning or losing with bets placed through the traditional means. A spread is a range of outcomes and the bet is whether the result is above or below the spread. You buy high and sell low.

The spread is constantly fluctuating to ensure bets on both sides of the market. The bookmaker charges a commission and acts as the broker for bets placed on either side of the outcome. If there is action on both sides the bookmaker is not concerned with the outcome and he earns his profits from the commission.

When placing a spread bet a customer can either buy or sell. For example if the spread firm issues a spread for the number of runs in a Cricket Test match the spread bettor can bet that there will be more runs than the spread. He bets in units and his return is the number of runs above the spread multiplied by the unit.

Simply put a spread firm may quote the runs at 900 to 950. A buyer will invest at 950 for £1 per point. If the number of runs is 1000 he wins 1000 minus 950 multiplied by £1 so his profit is £50. Conversely if there were just 900 runs his loss would be 950 minus 900 multiplied by £1. Favourite Plays applies this principle to a spread bet on the favourites at a specific race meeting.

Favourite Plays awards 25 points for a winning favourite, 10 points for a favourite that is the runner-up and 5 points when the favourite is third. If there are joint favourites the horse with the lowest racecard number counts. Subscribers are advised to BUY if the projected total points is bigger than the spread. If the spread is 80 and the final outcome is 100 you win 20 times the stake if you buy.

Join The New Breed of Favourite Bettors Today!

So as you can see you can use the power of spread betting and handpicked meetings at which you should BUY the favourites. Thats the beauty of Favourite Plays!

If you're looking for a great new way to make horse racing pay then this is a service that's hard to ignore! Join us today and we will show you how to setup a betting bank and where to place and also how to place your favourite plays effectively.

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