Hi my name is Michael and many readers will of heard of my successful winning Naps service called "Lucky 7 Naps." It has enjoyed incredible success since its launch making +8712.32 points profit since launch 2014.

If you're a member that's great and I hope you're enjoying the profits. However today I write to inform you that I don't only find winning Naps I also have a system in place that also finds Each Way Longshots.

Since lunch in April 2015 "L7N Longshots" system made [[TOTALPOINTS]] points.

Finding 1st place winners of up to 33/1 on several occasions as you can see listed above.

No Experience Is Required!

Being a popular Each Way Betting Service you can jump straight in knowing that this is very easy to follow. You'll gain access to a private members area where you can view the daily tips and you'll also be emailed the advice.

Once you have the selections you simply back the horses Each Way with your preferred bookie!

Afternoon race selections will be available to members at around lunchtime and evening races will be posted late afternoon.

Starting Bank & Staking Plan...

After joining you'll have access to my advice on a betting bank and staking plan. Betting for a consistent, long term income needs to be taken seriously. It's not complicated but I will offer some sound advice to help you make the maximum profits whilst still enjoying the amazing sport of kings.

Getting Started Is Easy...

You're just one click away from becoming a member of "L7N Longshots" and I hope you're informed enough to join me in this exciting opportunity.

All you need to do now is decide on how much you want to pay for the daily selections.

You have [[NOOFOPTIONS]] membership options currently available to you as follows...

I do feel that a fair trial should be 3 months and this reflects in the membership options currently available. £[[COST_90]] for 90 Days (£[[90PERMONTH]] per month) is seriously low.

If you just want a bite of the cherry by all means join me for a month but if you want to save and keep more profits in your pocket then do consider 6 Month commitment with a saving of £[[SAVING]].

Now's The Time To Act...

Don't miss out on this fantastic profit making opportunity!

Simply think about the time you wish to give me and click on a button below...

Best Value

L7N Longshots Weekly

Payment Rebills every 7 days.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 15.00

Next Payment: 9th July 2020

Best Value

L7N Longshots Monthly

Payment Rebills every 28 days.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 45.00

Next Payment: 30th July 2020

Best Value

L7N Longshots Quarterly

Payment Rebills every 90 days.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 126.00

Next Payment: 30th September 2020

Best Value

L7N Longshots 6 Monthly

Payment Rebills every 6 months.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 214.00

Next Payment: 2nd January 2021


Thank you for your time I look forward to sharing all my L7N Longshots with you.