Welcome To Primed Winners!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of one if the webs hottest horse racing clubs... Primed Winners. If you're as serious about the sport of kings as I think you are then you'll be thrilled with the service that I supply to my members.

The aim is very clear... it's to help YOU make a substantial new income from horse racing.

There's nothing sweeter than the exciting flow of cash.

If you agree that there's nothing sweeter than the exciting flow of cash that race betting can provide, then you're certainly in the right place right now!

I am a professional race enthusiast and I want to use my experience assist you in making your horse race betting pay much bigger profits. It's the dream of every punter out there... excellent profits from part time effort!

With over 3 decades under my belt I now have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to racing and backing horses and I have built up many good contacts to enhance my detailed analysis. I am one of the few people in racing who knows exactly what to look for when picking a racehorse.

I have built up a great contact list and I chat with some of the best in the business. I collate as much information as I can but I still rely on my own gut when considering the best bets to place.

I say this so you understand I'm not just an average punter who has decided to set up as a tipster! If you're going to pay for advice and risk your hard earned cash you really should know about the person advising you.

The best horse at one course isn't necessarily the best horse at another course.

The best horse at one course isn't necessarily the best horse at another course and the bookies will price their bets based on some previous form. In many cases not taking into account the many variants a different course can deliver. This is where I score best with my inside knowledge allowing me to find the value in selections that have been underpriced. I get to know which horses have been Primed to Win

In partnership with BetFan I am setting out to provide fellow punters with one of the most consistently profitable betting services available. I will be providing bets most days of the week.

I will solely be tipping Win Bets that are 'Great Value' and my goal is to maintain a good strike rate and reduce losing runs to a minimum.

Some of My Winners Include:

The key is being on the right horse at the right time! Primed Winners can do this for you!!!

I work relentlessly to assess where a horse should be placed and then watch for it to get its best conditions. It's a skill very few punters possess.

How do I find the selections?

How do I find the selections? By sheer hard work and that's all you really need to know. My stats and proofing speaks for itself...

Compounding The Profits...

£5,000 starting bank 100 point = £50 per point *adjusting monthly

Starting April 1st 2018 until 26th November 2018 a £5,000 starting pot stands at £23,737.18


Joining Primed Winners...

Please note that membership positions will be restricted to protect the value of the advice so if you really do want to be part of Primed Winners please act fast to secure your position today.

After joining you'll be given further instructions regarding a recommended starting bank and compounded staking plan.

Daily betting advice will be available online plus emailed to you.

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Best Value

Primed Winners Weekly

Payment Rebills every 7 days.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 13.00

Next Payment: 27th January 2021

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Primed Winners Monthly

Payment Rebills every 28 days.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 39.00

Next Payment: 17th February 2021

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Primed Winners Quarterly

Payment Rebills every 90 days.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 109.00

Next Payment: 20th April 2021

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Primed Winners 6 Monthly

Payment Rebills every 6 months.
You can cancel at any time.

£ 185.00

Next Payment: 20th July 2021