Welcome to Triple Filtered Tips, the horse racing service that's attracting punters across the nation by providing the meat and veg of the very best top bets!

This determined tipster is a sports-hound to the bone, he's consistently sniffing out quality bets for exclusive scoops most days of the week.

And when push comes to shove on the intel front, this seasoned racing fanatic is always going to be a nose ahead of the rest of us.

He has to be, his livelihood depends on it!

The bookies just can't beat the skills of a sly old racing enthusiast!. And when it comes to daily race tipping, who do you think has the sources to tip you on a cunning horse racing plot?

Stay tuned... because the man in the know, is a minefield of red hot information.

This acre of diamonds, a goldmine of betting intel could all be yours thanks to this unique and exclusive collaboration with BetFan!

Experienced Sleuth Selects The Best Racing Bets

You can now benefit from the tricks of the trade with daily tips from Triple Filtered Tips.

During proofing Triple Filtered Tips worked its magic and you can now profit from the tips and gain an edge in the battle to beat the bookies.

Some tipsters will make your betting bank disappear but Triple Filtered Tips will find you the winners. Privileged punters who followed the service during proofing from mid September 2019 to December 2019 would have enjoyed these results that have been proofed to Betfan...

Month 2019 Profit £10 Stake £100 Stake
September51.15£511.50 £5,115.00

At the end of the day Triple Filtered Tips did not create any illusions just ROCK SOLID PROFITS over FOUR MONTHS!

The results are in the proofing and if you had put £100 on the tips proofed your profit would be...

A Sensational £24,715.00!!!

That's an average of £6,178.75 a month! Can you imagine enjoying the Sport of Kings and pocketing cash like that?


This is the kind of extra cash that can put a new shiny car on the drive, pay for extra exotic holidays in the sun or just provide the extra security that a blanket of cash can provide.

Modest Bettors Don't Miss Out Either...

Even a more modest £10 level stake would have produced a nice return of £2,471.50. Not a fortune but a great tax-free second income which if repeated will easily cover the subscription fee whichever option you choose.

Triple Filtered Tips will be up to his old tricks on your behalf very soon but be aware numbers may be restricted to protect the odds.

If you want the magic to rub off on your race betting then GET INVOLVED TODAY!

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